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Freya Group LLC Referral Program for registered customers

Welcome to our Referral program! What it the program for?

Our referral program is pointed in two directions - giving you some extra discount when you are ordering here on our platform while you are telling to your friends about us. This will help us growing and to offer you more models and better prices.

How it will work for you?

Our Referral Program is a simple toll that will guide you through the process. In your Account you'll see a button with the program and all you have to do is to fill in the fields with your friend's e-mail address and name. So far you'll have chance to invite up to 5 friends. Each of them will get an e-mail from our platform invites them to join and see what we have. For every one of them you'll get your reward as soon as they register and place their orders. There is no any requirements to join all of them at once - each one is individual and free to decide.

Program Conditions and Discounts:

In order to be able to invite someone and get your discount you'll have to follow the steps below:

  1. You need to have completed at least one order in our website.
  2. Your friends are registered and they also have their first orders placed and completed.

If the above steps are completed then you'll be able to see your reward (discount) in your Account as a voucher for your next order. The amount of that voucher is not based on the order amount of your friend so far and it's value is 5.00 USD or 5.00 EUR. You may use it instantly when it is available.

Please remember that the voucher is not compatible with any other vouchers you may have. We are considering each amount of the vouchers you are using and we will take only the higher one for the order.

More benefits!

If you have need to invite more than 5 friends then you may contact us and we will consider your wish and will extend the contact form for you. Also we can offer you a constant discount for your account when you are placing your orders and a personal discount code for your friends first orders with 20% off. Please contact us for this conditions and we will e-mail the details to you only.