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X4D Underwear by Ergo Wear

X4D Underwear by Ergo Wear

The X4D underwear are designed just for full comfort and support. They follow the natural curve and way of human body as well as securing everything on the correct place.

Ergowear is constantly seeking out new shapes, fibers and sewing techniques that may help improve the comfort of the men’s undergarments. This motto has enlightened the path and driven us to the creation of bikinis and thongs built out of a single piece of microfiber. This underwear line comprises mini boxers, bikinis and thongs in 4 colors, all of them flat-sewn to reduce chafing of seams upon the skin, which is why we’ve named them X4D: The 4th dimension is the exquisite sensation you’ll experience when wearing them. You’ll experience extra-dimensional comfort, full-support and an exceptional sensation in one of these X4D undergarments thanks to the pioneering & enhancing X4D pouch. The nose-shaped X4D pouch follows the natural contour of your genitals without making you feel that constricting sensation of regular underwear. Not only does it give you plenty of room for your anatomy, but also a slight lifting/enhancing effect. They feel so comfy & supportive, that you’ll be able to take part in any kind of activities, no matter what you do.

Every X4D garment is manufactured using exclusively-made polyamide/ elastane microfiber, which is soft, fast-drying and also highly elastic. Thanks to the constuction of this microfiber, body moisture can easily evaporate through the fabric, making it less prone to stains and may be washed more easily. Fast drying & highly-flexible fabric to be worn year round no matter your activity.

X4D Mini Boxer Chrysler from Ergowear on Vimeo.

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