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A hot pouch models by aussieBum are back in stock

Hey all, we are glad to let you know we are stocking back some of the hottest models of aussieBum, just for you. Please, meet Enlarge IT and Wanderjock PRO. Both models have their Australian pouch build in for maximum comfort and look. They will help you look more confident and you'll look better in everything you are wearing. Despite the fact that Enlarge IT has revolutionary new pouch - a membrane separates your pack from the rest of your body, they are incredible comfy and flexible.

In the same matter, aussieBum's other model Wonderjock PRO has a bit more basic pouch technology. The pocket is completely attached from the inside part of the briefs and your pack can be held in it from the top open side. It will give you more natural look of the bulge and in the same time you'll feel like there is nothing special in this model.

We are wishing you only one - a pleasant experience with both models!

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